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http://lig-inc.com/pack1.jpg - 22.29 K FILMCOTE POCKET FOLDER

Ultra Line Pocket Folders. Our top of the line (ask for LF). Constructed from 12pt. coated stock with up to 100% ink coverage and no graphic restrictions. Choose lithography, foil stamping, embossing and combinations of the processes. Complete one side lamination including pockets is standard. Popular options such as business card slits, Rolodex-style cards, and brochure slots are available. Extend usage with tang fastener strips or die cut windows.

Regency Line Pocket Folders. Our most competitively priced folder (Ask for EL). The most impact for your advertising dollar with no sacrifice in quality. Complete Filmcote one side lamination including pockets is standard. A few graphic restrictions apply, No large solid areas and pocket copy must be positive printing. Art must be completely camera-ready, separated for color. Screens and halftones are OK but will incur an extra press charge.

http://lig-inc.com/pf1.gif - 1.26 K
LF 100, EL 100
97/8 X 113/4 Two glued pockets 41/2" high open at spine. Reinforced sides.
http://lig-inc.com/pf2.gif - 1.36 K
LF 102, EL 102
95/8 X 113/4 Double scored spine- 1/4", 3/8", or 1/2" capacity. Two glued pockets 41/2" high. Reinforced sides. Ships folded on back score.
http://lig-inc.com/pf3.gif - 1.21 K
LF 104, EL 104
93/4 X 113/4 One 41/2" high glued pocket on back cover. Reinforced sides.
http://lig-inc.com/pf4.gif - 1.17 K
LF 157, EL 157
813/16 X 111/2 Two glued 41/2" high pockets open at spine. Reinforced sides. Fits 9 X 12 envelope.
http://lig-inc.com/pf5.gif - 1.31 K
LF 200, EL 200
93/4 X 113/4 with 3/4" visible file tab. Two glued 41/2" high pockets open at spine. Reinforced sides.
http://lig-inc.com/pf6.gif - 1.37 K
LF 202, EL 202
93/4 X 113/4 with 3/4" visible file tab. Double scored spine- 1/4", 3/8", or 1/2" capacity. Two glued 41/2" high pockets. Reinforced sides. Ships flat on back score.
http://lig-inc.com/pf7.gif - 1.22 K
LF 204, EL 204
93/4 X 113/4 with 3/4" visible file tab. One 41/2" high glued pocket on back cover. Reinforced sides.
http://lig-inc.com/pf8.gif - 1.53 K
LF 205
93/4 X 113/4 with triple scored spine expanding to 3/4". 41/2" high flat pocket on front, 3/4" capacity expandable pocket on back. Reinforced sides. Ships folded on back score. Also available in 1" capacity.
http://lig-inc.com/pf9.gif - 3.22 K
LF 217
97/8 X 113/4" visible file tab. Double scored spine for 1/4" capacity. One 41/2" high glued pocket on front cover. One 41/2" high pull up pocket on back cover with 1/4" capacity.


Get extra value from your folders by adding the following options:
http://lig-inc.com/option1.gif - 1.05 KNow you can add a Rolodex style card to either pocket. Semi die cut. When punched out still gives you a usable pocket and your customer has your easy to find name and phone number. http://lig-inc.com/option2.gif - 1.13 KInsert your standard size business card 3 X 21/2 into die cut slots.
http://lig-inc.com/option3.gif - 1.14 KTang fasteners convert your folders into expensive loose leaf binders. Saddle stitched into the spine. Capacity 30 sheets. http://lig-inc.com/option4.gif - 1.32 KAudio cassette insert.


Sized to meet your requirements. Choose 12pt. or 18pt. stock, Filmcoted one or two sides. Offered in basic straight cut format with square corners, the two piece cover can be customized with die cut windows or round corners. GBC punching and a separate hinge for Acco fasteners are popular options.


All the beauty and versatility of the standard Filmtote at an unbelievably low cost. Full graphic possibilities and 18pt. double sidewall construction. One side lamination. Totes are pre-scored but we ship flat. You assemble using stay-in-place tabs that lock firmly into slots. You save money and storage space, too!

Life Insurance Graphics



All from One Convenient Source

  • Imprinted Loose Leaf Binders

  • Clear Overlay Binders

  • Display Binders and Post Binders

  • Tabbed Index Binders

  • Presentation Folders

  • Literature Kits and Tote Boxes

  • Corporate Identity Packaging

  • Short Run Digital Color Printing

  • A/V and Software Packaging

  • Seminar and Training Manuals
http://lig-inc.com/corppack.gif - 5.97 K


http://lig-inc.com/boxes.jpg - 18.13 K A portable promotion pack with punch! Available in fixed and expandable styles. Elastic loop or velcro closures. The perfect packaging for multimedia and odd-sized materials. Go wild --- choose from a full range of decorative processes. Halftones, screens, full coverage and four color process show off to full advantage. 18pt. coated stock. Double sidewall construction for extra rigidity on most fixed capacity styles. Complete one side lamination. Be sure to add a set of tabbed index dividers or folders to complete your Filmtote package.

http://lig-inc.com/pb1.gif - 2.38 K
LC 467 111/2 width X 9 height. 11/4 capacity

http://lig-inc.com/pb4.gif - 1.35 K
LC 403 113/4 X 95/8. Choice of expansions to 1", 11/2", or 2" widths. Elastic cord closure only.

http://lig-inc.com/pb2a.gif - 1.28 K
Vertical View

http://lig-inc.com/pb2b.gif - 0.97 K
Horizontal View

LC 475 111/2 X 9 with a 41/2" pocket. Fixed 1/2" capacity. Can be used with flap opening either veritcally or horizontally. Velcro closure.

http://lig-inc.com/pb3.gif - 0.89 K
LC 400 113/4 width X 10 height. Fixed capacity. Choice of 5/8". 1", 11/2" or 2" width. Velcro or elastic cord closure.

http://lig-inc.com/pb5.gif - 1.00 K
LC 401 113/4 width X 10 height including 1" reinforced file tab on back panel. Fixed capacity Choice of 5/8", 1", 11/2" or 2" width.


http://lig-inc.com/binders.jpg - 12.69 K Offered in a variety of styles to suit your needs. Filmcote binders can be litho printed with up to 100% coverage, foil stamped or embossed. 22pt. coated stock is used with metal rings and 18pt. with plastic rings. Filmcoting on pockets is included in your price. Options for business card slits and die cut windows.

http://lig-inc.com/fb1.gif - 1.21 K
LB 300 (Metal rings) 1/2", 3/4", and 1" capacity.

LB 301 (plastic rings) 1/2" and 3/4" capacity. For sheet size 11 vary with ring capacity.

http://lig-inc.com/fb2.gif - 1.45 K
LB 325 (Metal rings) 1/2", 3/4" and 1" capacity.

LB 326 (Plastic rings) 1/2" and 3/4" capacity. For sheet size 11 X 81/2. Two 4" high glued visible file tab ext. on right. Reinforced sides. Cover and spine size vary with ring capacity.

http://lig-inc.com/fb5.gif - 1.44 K
LB 304 (Metal rings) 1/2", 3/4", and 1" capacity.

LB 305 (Plastic rings) 1/2" and 3/4" capacity. For sheet size 11 X 81/2. Two 4" high glued pockets. Reinforced sides. Cover and spine size vary with ring capacity.

http://lig-inc.com/fb3.gif - 1.55 K
Video/Literature Album
A sturdy, low cost album that securely houses one video cassette and provides a pocket for your accompanying literature. Available custom printed on regular production schedule or undecorated- shipped within 48 hours.
http://lig-inc.com/fb4.gif - 1.41 K
Video Mailer
Now you can give your video presentation extra promotional impact with this handsome custom printed self mailer. Available screen printed in quantities as few as 100 or lithographed (minimum quantity 500). Use the perforated tear off card for a business reply and get extra value.

http://lig-inc.com/divider.jpg - 7.57 K INDEX DIVIDERS

Find it fast! Dividers make your valuable information easier for your clients and salespeople to locate. Standard on 12pt. stock. One or two sides printed up to full ink coverage with and without film lamination. No well dressed binder should leave your office without them.


The Marbelite pattern reinforces your foil stamped or screen printed graphics and creates an aura of permanence and stability. Your presentation becomes more than a pocket folder. Made from sturdy bristol board with film lamination on outside and pockets with business card slits on back pocket. Turnaround time is fast -- undecorated folders ship in 48 hours ... foil stamped in 7 working days ... screen printed in 12 working days.

Colors: Graystone, Bluestone, Emerald and Ruby as shown plus Whitestone and Rosestone (color swatches available)


Sometimes a standard product is just not enough to make your statement. You've spent a year in research and development and you know that without a stand out package, you coud get lost in the crowd. Life Insurance Graphics can help you turn your ideas into realities with out custom capabilities. From one special piece to a multi-part kit, we'll put it all together.

http://lig-inc.com/fast.jpg - 6.04 K FAST FOLDERS

FastFolders are ideal for short runs or fast turn-around. These folders are in stock for your rush order. Offered in white and eight popular colors, as shown (color swatchcard also available). Includes two laminated pockets, with business card slits on back pocket. We ship undecorated in 48 hours. Foil stamped in 7 working days or screen printed in 12 working days. Colors: White, Metallic Light Blue, Dark Blue, Red, Burgundy, Metallic Silver, Metallic Gunmetal Gray, Black and Hunter Green.